Meme coin, game dev RPG + RTS game for iOS, Android, PlayStation store. PC

Dark side of the moon base building, above ground and D.U.M.B (deep underground military bases. Space forces. Resource management, combat systems, above ground and underground helium-3 type mining. Deathstranding style lore and art style inspired by Hideo Kojima and gameplay like fallout shelter or classic RTS games like Command & Conquer, but using the new unreal engine 5 , so realistic graphics. NFT assets like weapons, vehicles, spacecraft, buildings, characters and skins.
#rts #rog #fallout #hideokojima #metalgearsolid #falloutshelter #moonmining #helium3 #military #spaceforce #gaming #crypto #nft #unrealengine
Copyright: Arun Patel
Images owned by arun patel.
Coin Name: Shiba Shanti inu
Ticker: SHIVA
May 1st Launch on (exchange)
You will need solana in your wallet like metamask or phantom wallet or coinbase wallet.

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